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Transfomers G1 pics

The Transformers were introduced to America in the mid 1980's and are still popular today. After 3 full seasons and one 3 episode season, Transformers G1 ended. The Japanese however cotinued the story and us Americans never saw it. G2 was a revamped G1 seasons 1-2 and most of 3. It had a 3-D opening and scene changes, and some funky screen veiws. Here are pics from the original G1.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the leader of the good guys called Autobots. He is the most famous robot and has been featured in some form or other in every Transformers TV series. Optimus Prime was killed in Transformers The movie and came back later in season three to once again lead the Autobots.

Optimus Prime transformed

Like every other tranformer Optiums Prime can transform. The most common transformation of Optiums' is a semi tractor trailer. This is the original vehicular mode for Prime.


Megatron is the leader of the bad guys called Decepticons. He is ruthless, maniacal, powerful, and killed in Transformers The Movie.

Megaron transformed

Megatron was able to transform into a gun, or more specifically, a Walther, the type of gun James Bond (me) use.


Ironhide was one of the more popular Autobots, and I beleive, the second in command. However I am not sure exactly who the Autobots second in command is, it was never made clear. Ironhide also died in Transformers The Movie.


Starscream was Megatrons second in command. Eventhough he was coward and rather stupid. In Transformers The Movie he is shot by the new Decepticon leader, and his body was destroyed, however he was not dead.

Starscream's Ghost

following the events in Transformers The Movie Starscream was thopught to have been killed. However in season three he returned for two appearances as a ghost. In his last apperance he made a deal with Unicron to get his old body back, and he did, unfortunately he was once again shot and was sent tumbling into space. He has not been seen since...


In Transformers The Movie Megatron is severly wounded and tossed into sapce out of another Transformer, Astrotrain, by none other than Starscream. Unicron found Megatron and reformatted him into Galvatron.

Galvatron transformed

Galvatron was for a short period of time a sane leader and could transform into a canon. However in order to insure complete loyalty to him, Unicron placed pain receptors in Galvatron's head. At the end of Transformers The Movie Galvatron is thrown through Unicron's armor and falls into space to land on the planet Thrull and soak in a plasma bath for a year. This caused him to become insane, and turned the pain receptors on permanently.

Ultra Magnus

After Optimus Prime and Megatron battled in Autobot City in Transformers The Movie, Ultra Magnus is given leadership of the Autobots, just before Prime "dies".

Ultra Magnus transforms into a tractor trailer similar to Optimus Prime except Magnus's trailer is a car hauler. After Transformers The movie he is second in command of the Autobots.

Rodiums Prime

In Transformers The Movie the Autobot Hot Rod is the "chosen one" who can activate the power of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Once he does so he becomes Rodimus Prime, the new Autobot leader.

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership is the focus of Transformers The Movie. It has been passed down through generations of Autobot leaders. Optiums Prime held it and then passed it to Ultra Magnus, however it was stolen by Galvatron. Hot Rod eventually recovered the matrix and used it to destroy Unicron and become Rodimus Prime. When Optiums returend in season three it was given back to him and Rodiums becam Hot Rod. Aslo, any Autobot who dies is said to return to the matrix as a resting place for their laser core, or as it is sometimes called, spark.


In Transformers The Movie Unicron sought to destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. He was the largest transformer ever, transforming into a palnet. Hot Rod unleashed the power of the matrix inside of Unicron and it destroyed his body, however his head survived in orbit around Cybertron, the transformer howmeworld. Unicron was not killed when his ody was destroyed. However he lost both his eyes. He was eventually reactivated by Starscream and Scourge. Unicron gave Starscream his body back and made other appearances throughout season three. 

Unicron transformed

Unicron has existed for millions of years and his one goal is to devour everything and return the universe to a state of chaos. By eating so much he grew to be a huge planet and as a result ate other palnets. It is not known at first that Unicron was a transformer until he attacked Cybertron. He has earned the nicknames "The Bringer of Chaos" and "The Universal Dominator" because of his ways.