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Here are some pics of the famous mach 1+ attack helicopter, Airwolf

Below are various pics of Airwolf, and some of the more popular adversaries such as the HX-1 and Redwolf. Below each pic is a small desricption of it.


Airwolf's blueprints

another set of Airwolf blueprints

Airwolf flying over water

Airwolf being towed

Airwolf lfying in combat mode

Airwolf hovering

Airwolf flying, again!

Airwolf in the Valley of the gods

Opening title

small pic of Airwolf over water

Airwolf's file


HX-1 makes a turn

a profile of HX-1

HX-1 at night

HX-1 on the ground

Airwolf vs. HX-1

Airwolf in hot pursuit of HX-1

Airwolf comes up on HX-1

the final result of of Airwolf vs. HX-1


Redwolf flying

Redwolf fires its laser

Redwolf fires another laser blast

Redwolf and Airwolf

Redwolf fires on Airwolf

Redwolf hovers above a landed Airwolf