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My name's Bond, James Bond. No seriously, my real name is Matt. Had you going for a second didn't I? I had some free time on my hands to create a website, so with a buddy's help, here it is. I hope you have fun and enjoy.


2/3/04: Site map has been updated and Knight Rider pic section is up. As before it will aslo have it's own info section when the other pic pages have been completed. 'Till next time!

2/2/04: Photo page is finished. I have made this page especially for Airwolf. I will soon start on and information page for Airwolf. As soon as I finish the other photo pages that is. Lol. Well I hope to see you soon. I'll try and update fairly often. 'Till next time!


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Hey, how am I doing? Drop me a line and let me know hat you think of my website. Once the pics and info pages are done I'll get a guestbook for you to sign and a counter! So visit often to see how things are coming. Don't forget to send me a an e-mail!


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